BSNeBiz Gateway Features

BSN’s BSNeBiz Gateway is a service offered to corporate organizations. It is one of the easiest and most convenient way to make corporate organization’s payments and collections. It’s safe, secure and there is no special software to buy or install. Corporate users can access BSNeBiz Gateway wherever internet access is available. It’s only a mouse click away!

Extended Hours, 7 X 365 Days of Services.

With BSNeBiz Gateway, corporate account balances, employee/customer account validity, transactions review, downloading reports/statements and uploading of payroll file seven days in advance before the posting date. We have extended the hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, from 7am to 11pm daily.


B2B type of service

Large corporate organizations must take advantage to use the B2B option. BSNeBiz Gateway provides secure client to send/receive encrypted files.

Fully automated processing of transactions

BSNeBiz Gateway offers automated transaction processing. Branch network is connected on-line real-time and customers have access to their corporate account anywhere anytime.

Enhanced features such as administrator functions, forgot password, online validations, online data entry is among others provided for the convenience.

Simple and Secured Processing

There is no need to configure or install any software. Provides secured and easy to use functions for organizations to carry out their payment processes.

Users are protected with the 2nd Factor Authentication to further protect the data. Data uploaded will be encrypted using the DES with security key.

EASY Payment Processing

A wide range of autodebit and autocredit options are available such as the many payroll payments, loan deductions, hire purchase deductions, bill payments, Inter Bank Giro (IBG) and Standing Instructions.

Replaces Manuals Cheque Issuance

Corporate organizations can do away with manual cheque issuance when BSNeBiz Gateway is used.