1. What is BSNeBiz?

BSNeBiz is an online payment solution offered to our corporate customers.

2. How does BSNeBiz work?

As an organization, once you subscribe to the BSNeBiz services, a user id and e-PIN is provided to log in to our website. Now you can either use the online data entry tool to enter the payment instruction or you may upload a ready file to be sent to us to run your payment instructions.

3. Security and Policy?

BSN is committed to ensure that your data is securely transferred. We use a combination of security technologies and procedures to ensure that the information is protected from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

This includes the DES encryption with a private key, using the 2nd Factor Authentication besides the highly secured passwords.

4. Why do I need BSNeBiz ?

It simple and convenient to use, user friendly and to simplify internal processes minus the hassle of writing out cheques and visiting the bank.

5. How do I connect to BSNeBiz?

Just ensure you have the internet access and type www.bsnebiz.com.my

6. Can I try the BSNeBiz service before subscribing?

Yes, you can view our online demo of the service by clicking here.

7. Can I check my corporate account balance via BSNeBiz?

Yes, this will only be available to the administrator and authorizers of the account.

8. Who do I call to repack back the previous file?

Please use our minicall support form

9. Do I have to install any software to run the BSNeBiz?

No, you may use standard browsers with javascript enabled.