Bill Payment

Bill Payment allows you to settle your bills via your corporate account.


  • Utility, assessment, quit rent, etc can now be paid through BSNeBiz.
  • Ability to act as agent for collection organizations in disbursing funds to respective recipients such as.Telekom Malaysia, Astro, Tenaga Nasional, etc



  • Reduces administrative workload.
  • No handling fee by Payee Organization as all payments are directly credited into respective recipient Accounts.
  • Payments can be made during working hours nationwide.
  • Transaction reports are available for daily viewing.



  • Users will be provided a url, user id and a secured e-Pin. Security question and 2nd Factor Authentication is providedĀ for enhanced security.
  • The user will then be able to upload the file which will be encrypted with a security key and upon receipt by the server will be validated to ensure data integrity. Upon failure, the customer will be notified.
  • Reports can be viewed online or be downloaded in various formats eg. excel, pdf for further viewing their accounts.



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