Auto Credit

Auto Credit is a service to credit funds to employees or Creditors


  • Provides an instant, automatic & hassle free mode of payment.
  • Various payment formats are available to credit salaries, overtime payments, commissions, dividends, bonuses, ex-gratia, general payments and other monetary benefits of individual employees, agents, suppliers, contractors or corporate of commercial entities.
  • Payment can also be effected to other banks participating in MEPS Inter Bank GIRO (MEPS-IBG)



  • Saves time and money
  • Easier processing
  • Effective cash flow management



  • Please click here¬†for Fees and Charges



  • Users will be provided a url, user id and a secured e-Pin. Security question and 2nd Factor Authentication is provided¬†for enhanced security.
  • User will be able to upload files which will be encrypted with a security key and upon receipt by the server, it will be validated to ensure data integrity. Upon failure, user will be notified.
  • For corporate account holders, funds will be debited from accounts and for non-account holders, funds must be received prior to making payments. These funds can be sent via RENTAS, IBG or in the form of cheque.
  • Reports can be viewed online or be downloaded in various formats eg. excel, pdf for further viewing their accounts.



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